Statement from Bishop Todd Hunter on the Ordination of Women to the Priesthood

“I have just returned from attending the College of Bishops’ conclave on the ordination of women to the priesthood. I am proud of the spiritually mature manner in which Archbishop Beach designed and, with the wise and loving assistance of the Unity Task Force, conducted our deliberations. The conclave was quiet, sincere and godly. The bishops collaborated with one another in an overall atmosphere of love, respect and honesty. Thankfully, the outcome of the conclave permits C4SO to continue our practice of ordaining women of character and integrity as priests and deacons, enabling them to serve in whatever way their spiritual gifts, calling and temperament call for. We continue to conduct this practice in humility toward those who disagree with us, and we do so with a laser focus on mission and being ambassadors of God’s kingdom—male and female alike. I am proud to serve alongside our women. They have shown extraordinary patience and grace during a particularly difficult period of waiting to receive the outcome of this conclave. To those who have wrestled or still do with the issue of women’s ordination to the priesthood: You are welcome in C4SO too. We are a diocese that celebrates the unity shown in our constitution, as modeled in this week’s conclave.”

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Todd Hunter

See the full statement from the College of Bishops here.

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