Our Values

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As we grow as a diocese, it has become increasingly important to communicate to those joining us and to those in the ordination process the core values from which we develop our culture and philosophy of ministry. These values compel us to announce, embody and demonstrate Jesus’ Gospel of the Kingdom of God across a broad range of geography, demographics and ministry contexts.


Kingdom and Great Commission-Focused.

We take seriously Jesus’ command in Matthew 28 to go out and train everyone we meet, far and near, in His way of life, marking them by baptism in the threefold name: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are then to instruct them in the practice of all Jesus has commanded us; He promises to be with us as we do this, day after day, right up to the end of the age.

Kingdom Resources.

We do not engage in poverty/zero-sum thinking. We do not believe that the resources of life are so limited that any win for one is a loss for everyone else. Rather, having experienced the resources of the Kingdom of God, we engage in joyful generosity.

Missional Leadership and Missional Ecclesiology.

There is a way that things are and there is a deep purpose behind the way things are: God’s divine intention in creation. Leaders lead and churches have their reason to be within the intention of God. Alignment with God’s purposes—best seen in Jesus, the Way, Truth and Life—is the north star of leadership and the notion that gives coherence to church life.


We genuinely rely on the person and work of the Holy Spirit—giving us the gifts and fruit needed to express God’s Kingdom through the local church.

Love of Culture.

We don’t bash the culture; we love and serve within it. We devote ourselves to faithful engagement and contextualization, while always careful not to compromise.

Relational and Accessible.

In a highly individualistic and disconnected culture, we do incarnational ministry that invites others to “come and see”… “come and receive.” We provide a place to truly connect and belong, which sometimes happens before people believe. We identify where God is at work and join him there, which requires paying close attention to his activity, often demonstrated in unexpected places and ways.


We intentionally have a research and development vibe. We are risk-tolerant, boldly and joyfully moving forward in our calling, demonstrating humble, childlike faith. We are not slavish to tradition. Building churches in conversation with the mission field, we co-labor with missional and Spirit-driven creativity born from the heart of Thomas Cranmer as seen in his introduction to The Prayer Book. 

Growth and Formation.

We are about personal, spiritual and professional growth and formation—being trained by Jesus in a way of life. We are engaged in the practices that emerge from the Gospels, especially the calling, mentoring and sending passages.

Raising Up the Next Generation.

We prioritize, trust and respect young leaders, treating them as thoughtful adults. We seek to find these leaders and nurture them and their vision. We release them to their own conscience before God, mentoring and coaching them as they discover their gift mix, vision and calling. We do not try to motivate people. We identify and partner with those who are already motivated and moving forward by the Spirit.

Help, Mentoring and Coaching.

We are committed to being a learning community: peer-to-peer and older/wiser-to-novices. But each minister must take responsibility for his or her life and ministry before God—within a supportive community.

Rooted, Joyful, Orthodox Theology.

We are not theological innovators; it is enough work to faithfully obey the parts of the Bible that are clear! Our goals regarding scripture are simple and un-original: to comprehend what a text says; to grasp as best we can what the original author meant for the original audience to understand; and then to make the best cross-cultural application we can, giving heart-felt obedience to God and seeking to be his cooperative friends in the modern mission field.