Congregational Development 2016-10-27T00:50:40+00:00

C4SO has a number of existing congregations that vary in size, liturgical expression and their vision for fulfilling the Great Commission.  Bishop Hunter, his Deputy, Canons, Deans, and other Diocesan leaders are available for coaching and evaluation on a range of issues, including assessment of, and recommendations for, discipleship and spiritual formation; staffing for mission; contextualization for your local setting; church sites; stewardship; liturgy; evangelism; outreach/justice; communications; and effective programs.  Our goal is to help you maintain healthy, vibrant churches without necessarily retaining the “status quo,” to grow deeper and wider, to help you move off center if you and/or your congregation is “stuck,” or to successfully navigate various challenges.

We also count on our established congregations to offer their wisdom and experience to assist nascent faith communities through mentoring and resourcing in a variety of ways.  As our congregations have been blessed, so they can bless other churches.