Clergy Formation is the process of discerning, identifying, equipping, empowering, and releasing Anglican clergy to minister according to the Canons of Churches for the Sake of Others and the Anglican Church in North America.  That is, this process is prayerful, intentional, and holistic as individuals are prepared for a lifetime of ministry and service in the Anglican tradition.  To that end, our process has been established in hopes that the newly ordained is formed and blessed by his or her experiences. Individuals will discern a sense of call with their rector, local parish, and the Diocese; they will undergo background, psychological and marital evaluations; take an ordination exam; participate in interviews with the Bishop, Bishop’s Deputy, and Commission on Ministry while they are simultaneously engaged in ongoing formation and preparation.

Within Anglicanism and our Diocese, theological education is a core value for those seeking ordination. While a formal, three-year degree in a residential seminary setting may not be required for ordination, we do expect our candidates to engage in robust theological and biblical training as preparation for parish ministry. This is particularly important since individuals are ordained into Holy Orders.  Holy Orders (the offices of Deacon, Priest or Presbyter, and Bishop) are distinctive from other forms of ministry by virtue of setting apart an individual within a community and a sacramental rite of the one holy catholic and apostolic church.  Through the laying on of hands by the bishop, an anointing and gifting of the Holy Spirit is entrusted to the individual who is ordained for ministry, not only within the local parish and Diocese, but also within the province and worldwide Communion.

Clergy Formation Documents:

C4SO Clergy Formation Guide

C4SO Ordination Application

Application to Join the Diocese