C4SO Convention 2016

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2017 Vision

Our Strategic Vision helps us ensure the next decade in the life of our diocese is fruitful and God-honoring, and orients us to accomplish specific goals. These goals are to plant 100 churches in the next 10 years, and recruit, train and develop 200 future leaders for C4SO and the Anglican Church in North America. In 2016, we have made significant process toward these goals. We formed or brought in 35 new leaders, and 6 new church plants (with more on the way!). Raising up new leaders always precedes starting new works, and as you can see, we are well on our way. Thanks be to God!

We will continue to build on this same Strategic Vision in 2017. Through your life and calling, we urge each of you to participate—whether it’s to plant a church or receive training to become a future leader or church planter. Together, we can answer this call to plant 100 new churches and raise up 200 new leaders in the next 10 years.

Bishop Todd’s Vision Clip

5/5 Investment Strategy


Part of our Strategic Vision is a new 5/5 investment strategy—a direct investment in raising up new leaders and planting churches. In 2017, we’ve asked each of our churches to give 5% to C4SO to help direct the centralized aspects of our mission, and spend the other 5% on mission in your local area. We believe mission happens best with local impetus, discernment and knowledge—where money and personnel resources can be guided by local people. This 5/5 strategy is powerful because it allows us to do the work of a missional movement, not an institution, fomenting the kind of missional activities that can only happen locally. Those activities are up to you. If you’re a large church, you can invest in mission through your church; if you’re a small church you can partner with other churches; or you can bring your whole Deanery together to partner. We chose this model because 50% of our diocesan budget goes directly to mission. That’s our heart.

Meanwhile, C4SO will invest the 5% it receives from churches right back into equipping clergy and congregations for mission. We will share leadership and expertise, and come alongside our leaders with mentorship, tools and training. We will also continue the awesome but challenging task of staying connected across 10 states—live and online—and providing our clergy with an enduring sense of community.

2017 Budget

Looking Back at C4SO’s 2016 Diocesan Convention 

Clergy and delegates from each of our churches gathered together on Saturday, November 12, for our annual Diocesan Convention. We met virtually for a wonderful time of fellowship, vision-casting, celebrating our 2016 progress, and voting on important diocesan business. The meeting confirmed our diocese is growing and thriving, passionately pursuing mission, and implementing structures and tools to enhance community and create a sustainable future.

If you weren’t able to attend or if you want to review what happened, please listen to the recorded version of the Convention.

Listen to the recording here.

Convention Highlights

  • We celebrated our 2016 growth and progress—6 new church plants and 35 new leaders. Watch the highlights below.
  • We shared our vision for 2017—including a 5/5 budget resulting in more local missional investment.
  • Representatives from each congregation voted on key topics for 2017.

Convention Minutes

2016 Convention Minutes
2015 Convention Minutes

Get Involved in 2017

Next year promises to be a big one for C4SO, and we need strong leaders to:

  • Represent the Diocese as a Delegate at the ACNA Provincial Assembly (June 2017 in Wheaton, IL)
  • Help review and amend our Diocesan Canons
  • Pray for church planters on our C4SO Prayer Team

If you would like to help in any of these ways, please contact Canon Kimberley Pfeiler.

Give Feedback

We would love to hear your thoughts about the 2016 Diocesan Convention.

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C4SO’s vision is to plant new Kingdom-minded, Spirit-filled Anglican churches and to launch new dioceses that would be a home for these churches. Your donations will be granted directly to a church plant or church planter unless otherwise designated.

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