C4SO Clergy Workshops

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You’re Invited to C4SO’s Clergy Workshops!

We gather each week for our Clergy Workshops—online training geared specifically to C4SO clergy. We focus on topics that are front and center for you, and you’ll leave with actionable insights that you can put to work immediately.

UPCOMING WORKSHOP: December 1st, from 10:30 – 11:00 a.m. CST

Topic:  “Drawing from the Deep Well of Advent: Transformation in a Season of Waiting”

img_2348copyPresenter:  Our presenter is the The Rev. Erik Willits, Youth Pastor, Seminarian and Church Planter-in-Training

We are all waiting for something. Have you unconsciously translated your wait into a disgrace? The Rev. Erik Willits will share Advent’s counter-cultural gift of waiting as a means of transformation, and how we can respond with a gift in return. He will also discuss Advent as a liturgical framework for new Anglicans, inviting them on a transformational journey through the rest of the year. Come enjoy a thought-provoking reflection and hear how other C4SO clergy are engaging this Advent season.

How to Join: Each of the Clergy Workshops will be hosted live on Adobe Connect. Just click this link to join us.

Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to join your fellow C4SO planters and learn from a proven leader!